Your partner in digital business

Barbara Strozzilaan 101, Amsterdam, Nederland


Are you a secret IT-hero?

Let’s combine your super powers with ours and together we catapult our clients into the digital pole position.

Is Software Engineering your passion? Are you crazy about Data & Analytics? Or do you call yourself a real “Microsoftie”? No matter what you tech-heart beats for: adesso is your IT homebase to share, grow and unleash your digital super powers

Go, go, go – grow, grow, grow!

Our special squads are based in Amsterdam and Nieuwegein near Utrecht and so far there are more than 60 adessi working on the mission for adesso Netherlands to become a recognised partner for customers of all industries within the Dutch IT market. But there is more: Approximately 7,000 adessi in eleven other countries and a 25-year success story in IT is what the adesso group stands for!

Together – we really mean it!

Characteristic for all “adessi” is the high level of knowledge and skills. We support you in keeping your knowledge up to date: starting with an open culture in which sharing knowledge and experience is encouraged very much, we also offer an excellent training budget and organize internal events for all adessi. Talking about sharing: We also love to share a good sense of humor and good talks as much as pizza, cold drinks and cookies or a great christmas party with our families. 🙂

Simple as it is: We love what we do.

Consulting, developing, implementing: We have the right mix of technological expertise and a deep understanding of the customer’s particular business. We are innovative – but not at any price. Because the most innovative does not always mean the most practical. That’s how we develop IT solutions with heart together.