Cloud Engineer

Tractieweg 41e, Utrecht, Netherlands

32 - 40 uur

€ 5.500



About us

Skyworkz is a boutique consultancy with a focus on cloud based in Utrecht. We are a diverse group of cloud consultants, who like to share knowledge and work on interesting projects. Technology is not only our work but also our passion. But a healthy work/life balance is important as well.

About the role

We are looking for cloud consultants who want to make a difference. Instead of just staffing projects, we closely look to your skills, experience and ambition, and try to match that with a challenging assignment. The projects vary in length between 3 to 18 months. We always help customers with the end in mind: after the project, the client needs to be able to stand on his own feet.

About you

You are passionate about building scalable and reliable cloud platforms for developers. In your work, you constantly balance pragmatism and quality. You’re not a ticket ticker but a builder and a teamplayer. You are able to translate business requirements into practical architecture. You are able to communicate the advantages of the cloud to both business and techies.

Next to that, you’re a polyglot developer/scripter and would almost call yourself a programmer. But writing business code is less interesting to you, you like to bridge the gap between code and infrastructure. You are a problem solver. There is no type of infrastructure that you haven’t automated, no application that you haven’t containerized. You are allergic to the word DevOps: another inflated buzzword. It’s all about collaboration, communication and automation. No need for buzzwords.

Good to know

We expect you to be a consultant: you shape your own assignment, you are entrepreneurial and you’re not afraid of new environments. You have been in the Netherlands for more than a year already, so you are familiar with the Dutch culture and way of working.


We offer you the usual stuff: a nice salary with a yearly performance bonus, a mobility budget or a lease car, a laptop of your own choice and a generous training budget. But next to that we offer you an environment in which you can learn, both as a professional and as a person. And last but not least, we offer you the chance to shape the culture of a young and growing consultancy.